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Embedded electrical actuator

ISP System designs linear and rotary actuators for various applications. Our mechatronic and control command expertise allows us to develop actuators in a large range of size, travel and load.

– Action fields –

Our teams develop actuators for specific markets as aerospace, defense, railways, space and research. Doors, valves, arms, rudder, optical systems actuations are examples of our applications.

– Adapted architecture –

The bespoke design of the actuators makes it possible to adapt each project to the request. Various characteristics are available.

  • Friction, ball or roller screw
  • DC, stepper or brushless motor
  • Motor or direct position encoder
  • Manual safety command
  • Command board
  • Fieldbus communication

– Special uses –

Our actuators are designed to perform in severe environments such as:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Vibrations and shocks
  • Water, dust, saltspray, fluids
  • High energy electromagnetic fields
  • Vacuum and ultra-vacuum
  • Radiations (gamma, X, neutrons)

ISP System is a member of the international standardization committee « CAN in Automation ».


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